Virteasy Dental

A company going all the way from a 7-year research project, through to a 5-year start-up and development stage and now progressing through to the scale-up programme.

NAWO Solution

NAWO - which stands for NAtural WOrk - uses VR and motion capture to analyse a workers risk of things such as MSD.

Not only is this for existing work places but NAWO Studio allows companies to analyse the designs of workplaces before they are even built!


ALL4TEC is a software publishing company in functional validation, safety analysis and system engineering of increasingly complex and interconnected systems. For 20 years, ALL4TEC is a pioneer in Model-Driven Engineering.

Crua Outdoors

Invested in Crua Outdoors after meeting
Derek O'Sullivan.

And it was a good investment decision, too. Shares are up more than 50% and the company is securing more finance now.


Invested in DEN after seeing the incredible Yasser Khattak on TV.